MySQL slow queries, small tables

Dave Smith dave at
Tue Jun 10 18:28:25 MDT 2008

Corey Edwards wrote:
> Second, from that post it sounds like fsync is flushing all of the
> kernel disk buffers regardless of which partition they're headed to. I
> could be mistaken her though. I guess if you put MySQL on a non-ext3
> partition that might do the trick. Maybe try a RAM disk. I bet it would
> be a lot faster.

My take was that it was flushing the buffers and journal for the entire 
file system, not the entire OS. So if I make a new partition, it should 
only flush for that file system, and thus my root file system's activity 
should not affect it (other than the normal hardware bottleneck). I'm 
resizing LVM volumes now, and it should be ready to test tomorrow. I'll 
let you know.


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