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Thu Jun 5 20:25:37 MDT 2008

Thus said "Doran L. Barton" on Wed, 04 Jun 2008 18:25:31 MDT:

> A trillion  dollars? Try 57  trillion dollars.  It's a lot  worse than
> anyone knows.

Are  you  referring  to  the ``unfunded  liabilities''  figure  which  I
recently read is nearing $60 trillion? Then there's the national debt at
$10 trillion. Mind boggling numbers to  be sure, but then this is surely
the cost of maintaining a democracy.

> I don't know who's buying whose vote...

Maybe they are buying the vote  of confidence from the public that still
gives  our  current  form  of government  legitimacy?  Legitimacy  is  a
bipartisan  issue.

You pose a really good question actually... if one believes the stimulus
package to be bipartisan and that it wasn't intended as a political move
to buy votes in some sense or another, what then is the real motive? Can
we really  assume it was  to help out Americans?  If so, why  don't they
just let  us keep  the fruits  of our labors  to begin  with to  cause a
continuing stimulus year after year?

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