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Doran L. Barton fozz at iodynamics.com
Wed Jun 4 23:52:46 MDT 2008

Not long ago, Charles Curley proclaimed...
> Oh, piffle, "weekly threats". Show me a reliable source, i.e. one that
> isn't a toady to the neocon warmongers. And threats are not the same
> as actions. Iran's mullahs aren't the nicest people in the world, but
> they are quiet about Israel. Mr. Ahmadinejad doesn't make foreign
> policy.

Are you saying they didn't choose President Ahmadinejad to be the
mouthpiece for their government? He speaks for them as far as I'm
concerned. I don't know where you got the idea the Iranian government was
actively acting against our interests was some kind of "neocon" (what does
that mean anyway?) conspiracy. To test my point, I did go back in time
(with the help of Google News) to see who was publishing these articles.

Google News shows plenty of traditional news sources with articles
detailing Iran's vows to destroy Israel, Iran's defying the IAEA, Iran
supporting Hezbollah terror, Iran supplying Shiite and Al Qaeda insurgents
in Iraq with weapons, and more. I didn't find these articles on NewsMax,
TownHall.com, or National Review. I found them on Reuters, Washington Post,
ABC News, Associated Press, London Times, and the BBC. 

Iran's government is bad. Do I think we should pull another Iraq and go in
and make it "good?" No. I think the best thing the US can do is promote
capitalism in the region via Iraq and Afghanistan and let the people under
oppressed regimes make their move.

fozz at iodynamics.com is Doran L. "Fozz" Barton
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