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Doran L. Barton fozz at iodynamics.com
Wed Jun 4 18:22:55 MDT 2008

Not long ago, Charles Curley proclaimed...
> The current US war has taken out the former second largest producer of
> petroleum in the world. 

History will prove Iraq will be a far more-productive producer of crude 
oil after the US's involvement. I wasn't aware the US mandated that all oil
fields in Iraq were to shut down. It was my understanding the US had made
oil production a priority in Iraq and had taken several measures to protect
facilities and keep them in operation.

> Mr. McCain has stated he'd be happy if American troops stayed in Iraq for
> the next hundred years; Mr. Obama has not concurred. Mr. "Bomb, bomb,
> bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" McCain is pushing for more sanctions on Iran
> (another major oil producer), usually a prelude to war. 

So what if they (Iran) make weekly threats to annihilate Israel and are
responsible more than any other regime for terror and unrest in Iraq,
Lebanon, and Syria. We should just play nice with these goofballs?! 

> And the Democrats, whom one can expect to retain control of the Congress,
> are too limp-wristed to stop either in spite of the fact that that's what
> they were elected to do in 2006.

Yeah. Remember Pelosi's plans for her first 100 days as Speaker Of The
House? What a joke. If they do retain majority control, we can expect more
taxing and spending, more costly programs, more encroachment into
entrepreneurial freedom, and more stupid laws in the name of saving the

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