OT - Gas to hit 4.00

William Attwood wattwood at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 14:38:51 MDT 2008

Let's do some number crunching...

Back when gasoline was $2.20/gal, it would cost me 22.20 to fill a 10-gallon
tank..  Let's say I did this once a week, so, 88.80/month in gasoline costs.

Now let's factor in 4.00/gal.  I am spending 40.00 to fill a 10-gallon
tank.. Let's follow the same assumptions, putting me at 160/month in fuel.

I'm paying almost 2x as much for gasoline.  Honestly, I don't mind...  Why?
It's an additional 80/mo for a required expense.  I make a decent wage, so
factoring in 80/mo means I get to cut out some fat (literally, too) by not
eating out as much (living healthy by cooking at home) and packing lunches.

Let's examine eating out.  Let's say you eat out once a day for breakfast
before work.  That puts you at 20 meals a month.  If you are paying
$5.00/meal that means you pay 80/mo on breakfast eating out.

I'm not saying it's a direct correlation that you stop eating out and make
up the cost of your fuel..  It costs for groceries to make breakfast in the
morning, so you may be able to shave off 1/2 of your breakfast expense....

That's if you need to shave anything for the additional cost of fuel.  I,
personally, do not. Fuel will need to go a lot higher before I bother with
worrying about the cost.

However, I did purchase a scooter that would pay for itself in 24 weeks of
riding to and from work... Unfortunately, I didn't factor in the cost of
crashing the scooter ;)

Let's keep being smart about issues..


On Wed, Jun 4, 2008 at 12:30 PM, Dave Smith <dave at thesmithfam.org> wrote:

> Regarding high gas prices, Grant Shipley wrote:
>> Does our government not realize this is killing the average American?
> That's because the average American is broke. It's not the government's
> problem that Americans can't control their spending and apparently prefer to
> live paycheck-to-paycheck. Don't think it's because wages are down either.
> It's totally discretionary behavior. The average American has much nicer
> (and bigger!) cars than I and a fancier house and amenities, and yet I make
> much more than the average American. What's wrong with this picture? Gas
> prices would have to double from where they are now before I would start
> caring.  Even then it wouldn't be a huge deal. Why? Because I choose to
> drive an inexpensive, fuel efficient car and live within my means regarding
> house, cars, and toys. I'm frankly totally disappointed in the people around
> me who choose to spend more than they earn on crap rather than "acting their
> wage."
> Although I have to say that it's behavior like this that has created a
> housing bust and caused the Fed to reduce interest rates, which means I get
> my pick of nice real estate at bargain basement prices. Maybe I should be
> grateful for all the self-control lacking Americans out there. Isn't it
> great to be American?
> --Dave
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