while (provider != 'Alianza') { use(VoIP); }

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Tue Jun 3 17:41:59 MDT 2008

Jonathan Duncan wrote:
> My company has been using Alianza for VoIP since they are the dirt  
> cheapest.  However, the service and features have been lacking and we  
> are wondering if there is a better provider out there that is not also  
> 3 times more expensive than them.  Anybody have any suggestions?
> The idea of using Asterix has been brought up but we do not really  
> have an internal individual to dedicate to maintenance and support of  
> implementing our own VoIP system.  Although, I have heard that Asterix  
> can be quite robust and stable.  Any feedback on that would also be  
> appreciated.

I've been running Asterisk for a while.  Most of the connections come in 
through OpenVPN.  It is stable (never takes very many resources, never 
stops by itself), except that sometimes long-dead channels hang around 
for no apparent reason.  I set up a cron job to reload the configuration 
every hour and restart Asterisk every night; that worked around all the 
problems I've seen.

With Asterisk I was able to set up termination services with several 
companies at once, then after evaluating them all, I chose les.net 
because the service is ultra-cheap and reliable enough for my needs. 
OTOH, les.net is not very good at tech support.  The important thing is 
that Asterisk lets you separate the feature requirements from upstream 
pricing and reliability.  The magic Google keywords are "sip 
origination" and "sip termination".


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