Seeking rig to test memory...

Matthew Walker mwalker at
Mon Jun 2 19:16:32 MDT 2008

I have four sticks of Registered ECC RAM that I need to get tested. The problem is, the
only board I have that can use the RAM is a production mail server, which we really
don't want to take down for the many hours necessary to properly test the RAM.

Does anyone have an older board that can run DDR Registered ECC RAM? The system we have
that uses the ram is dual processor Opteron board, but that's not required, as long as
we can test the sticks.

There's a full tower case for possible trade available. I'll see if I can get the
details on what would be included with that, if anyone is interested in it.

If you need any other details, I'll try to get answers, but I don't have the RAM in
hand. It's at the office.

Matthew Walker
Kydance Hosting & Consulting
LAMP & MU* Specialist

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