Network based messaging

Shane Hathaway shane at
Fri Jul 25 02:40:55 MDT 2008

Dave Smith wrote:
> I've looked at JMS and threw it out because of the Java dependencies. My 
> software is mostly Python and C++. I also looked at (and used) CORBA, 
> but it's too complex and the learning curve is killer. What I really 
> want is D-Bus, but currently D-Bus doesn't support remote messaging[1] 
> since it relies on Unix Domain Sockets.

1. The Spread toolkit.  There is a Python binding.  I've used it before 
(version 3.17); it works well.

2. XMPP, the protocol behind Jabber.  Some people believe it is going to 
get very popular.

3. Something on top of Google's new Protocol Buffers.  I can't tell you 
the number of times I've wanted something generic like protobuf.


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