Network based messaging

Levi Pearson levi at
Thu Jul 24 21:33:37 MDT 2008

Dave Smith <dave at> writes:

> I've been looking for a good messaging system in Linux to send simple
> messages between different pieces of software I'm developing. I would
> like a central messaging service that handles moving messages around
> the network for me, such that each application can connect to the
> messaging service and get messages as they arrive. The messages are of
> a broadcast nature and each app doesn't necessarily need to know about
> all the other apps who happen to care about its messages (they should
> remain de-coupled). The various applications will not be on the same
> host, so network-based is a must, and it must be able to span
> broadcast domains.

I think what you want is AMQP:

RabbitMQ is a free, open source implementation (in Erlang):

Apache ActiveMQ is another one, but its AMQP implementation is
apparently in limbo. It might still be worth looking into anyway.  It
probably has the most language bindings.

Good luck. :)


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