Network based messaging

Dave Smith dave at
Thu Jul 24 16:36:36 MDT 2008

I've been looking for a good messaging system in Linux to send simple 
messages between different pieces of software I'm developing. I would 
like a central messaging service that handles moving messages around the 
network for me, such that each application can connect to the messaging 
service and get messages as they arrive. The messages are of a broadcast 
nature and each app doesn't necessarily need to know about all the other 
apps who happen to care about its messages (they should remain 
de-coupled). The various applications will not be on the same host, so 
network-based is a must, and it must be able to span broadcast domains.

I've looked at JMS and threw it out because of the Java dependencies. My 
software is mostly Python and C++. I also looked at (and used) CORBA, 
but it's too complex and the learning curve is killer. What I really 
want is D-Bus, but currently D-Bus doesn't support remote messaging[1] 
since it relies on Unix Domain Sockets.

Any ideas?


[1] The D-Bus guys working on it:

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