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<quote name="Michael Torrie" date="Tue, 15 Jul 2008 at 22:11 -0600">
> Brian Beardall wrote:
> > I have an ATI Radeon X800 graphics card using the fglrx and AMD has
> > greatly improved the driver over the last year. The performance for my
> > X800 is the same as it would be in the other OS. AMD has also been
> > delivering same day graphics support for all of their new cards. So if
> > you wanted to buy the latest ATI 4870 graphics card it does work. nVidia
> > has support for their latest GFX, but it is in their beta driver so
> > don't expect that to work in any distro yet. Phoronix has benchies if
> > you want to see them.
> I have yet to get dual monitor mode working with ATI's drivers.  Tried
> the catalyst control panel, the gnome panel, editing the xorg.conf file.
>  Can get mirrored mode, but not xinerama.  Anyone successfully got this
> to work?  Right now I'm dealing with mainly X1300 cards (not too powerful).

I have dual monitor working with an ATI, although it's not ideal, it
_is_ xinerama. It gives ubuntu all kinds of grief, screensaver hangs,
can't open the resolution dialog, and other such resolution concerned
things. I can't give any details right now, the computer in question
seems to have fallen off the vpn, but I'll be at that computer tomorrow.

Von Fugal
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