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Barry Roberts blr at
Tue Jul 15 13:20:11 MDT 2008

Kyle Waters wrote:
>    A few years ago I was involved in doing monthly installfests, and 
> working a hardware job.  I kind of new what to use and what to stay 
> away from.  I haven't done much with hardware for a while, but I think 
> things have changed and Linux generally just works(tm) now.  But I'm 
> about to buy a new desktop(my eeepc arrived today. yeah!).  I'm 
> thinking I want to go with ati chipset for both mb and graphics, with 
> an amd processor.  I'm not doing anything high end and am only looking 
> at $1000 for the whole setup (including monitor).  Is there anything I 
> should avoid?
It depends.

I have an old-ish Radeon X700 in my desktop (Athlon X2 3800), and I 
don't have to use proprietary drivers with it, and that makes me happy.  
I can watch HD mpg2's from my mythtv downstairs and play ET, 
urbanterror, gl-117, and lots of other 3d games.  It flickers more than 
with fglrx, or an nvidia card with the proprietary drivers, but binary 
proprietary drivers make me break out in a rash.

So if you want unencumbered drivers, I would recommend an ATI-based 
video card and Fedora 9 or some really recent distro with open radeon 

I still can't run Compiz reliably, but I had the same symptoms with the 
GeForce 6150 on the mobo as the pci-e Radeon, so I don't think it's an 
ati problem.

Barry Roberts

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