linux hardware compatibility list

Kyle Waters unum at
Tue Jul 15 13:02:51 MDT 2008

Kenneth Burgener wrote:
> I would start by avoiding ATI.  I have always found that nVidia Linux 
> support has always been better.  Especially in the MythTV realm.

I was hoping ATI was better since they were bought by AMD, but I haven't 
read anything that's indicated the promised changes had taken place(thus 
me emailing the list).  I like nvidia stuff, but there used to be a lot 
more problems with their drivers(I left the hardware scene just as ati 
was becoming competitive), but if that's fixed now I might go that way.  
I like VIA chipset.  Intel is actually one that I'm biased against, 
mostly from anecdotal evidence(though for video they have always had 
good linux support and I really don't need anything fancy).  I really 
liked my old abit main board, but I'll probably look at abit,asus, and msi.


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