PHP Developers (and some Perl, too!)

Jesse Stay jesse at
Thu Jul 10 11:43:35 MDT 2008


I have an upcoming project (or two) in PHP that I'm going to need one or two
semi-senior level PHP developers to help me out in managing a team overseas
(Philippines) to write the next up and coming Social Network.  I'm looking
for someone with experience in MVC technologies in particular things like
Symfony, CakePHP, and others - initially I'll need someone to help me figure
out the best framework to build on and we'll go from there.  So if you have
experience building large-scale apps from start to finish and can work on a
contract-basis, I want YOU!

Also, if you have Perl experience, in particular on the Catalyst platform,
that's a plus as I have a few other projects I may have you help me on in
Perl - that's not a must though.  Knowledge and experience in hanging out,
poking, and all around annoying your friends on other Social Networks like
Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Reddit, you name it, is also a plus.

As a contractor you'll be able to work from home, on your own schedule (so
long as it meets client deadlines), and hey, if my business grows enough
there's even a potential this could turn into a full time job if you're
interested, and the work at home and own schedule thing still applies!

Please contact me (my phone # below or via e-mail, jesse at if
you're interested and we can set up an interview.


Jesse Stay
(801) 853-8339

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