[sllug-members]: Openmoko Neo FreeRunner

Sunderlin, Layne R SGT RET ray.sunderlin at us.army.mil
Thu Jul 10 09:58:11 MDT 2008

> I didn't think I got them confused. Maybe brad did? He said "the gps has
> problems". That's what I was talking about upgrading. Not the gprs
> radio. I said to use 802.11 in place of not having it.
> Von Fugal

The only mention of any radio in the section you quoted was in reference to

"  especially with the qtopia suite, the choice to use a gprs radio  
 for data (~40kbps) rules it out as my day-to-day phone."

That's what gave me the impression that you had them confused,

Cheers, Ray

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