[sllug-members]: Openmoko Neo FreeRunner

Von Fugal von at fugal.net
Thu Jul 10 09:41:45 MDT 2008

<quote name="Brad Midgley" date="Tue,  8 Jul 2008 at 21:32 -0600">
> the freerunner reportedly has gps problems, so I'd wait for them to turn  
> the crank and do a minor hardware update... it sounds like an antenna 
> issue.
> also, when it comes to open devices, people (like me) tend to consider  
> the software a work in progress that will ultimately match what the  
> hardware is capable of... it just may take a while for the software to  
> come together.

The work in progress is definately a truth. However, I don't think this
is an alpha release by any means. The phone works, they are selling it
to the public. Sure, it'll have some hiccups, but as brad says, it
*will* be fixed. If by nobody else then by yourself. ;)

What draws me to the openmoko phones more than anything is not that the
software will improve, but that there will be unlimited and boundless
_new_ software for the phone. That coupled with the awesome hardware in
the phone available to programmers, imagination is the only limit.
Jogging pace keeper, bike trail mapper, it could keep track of the miles
I drive and I could input gas fillup details and it could tell me my
mpg, I could put an hp48 clone on it. The possibilities are truly

Alas, I cannot afford $400 right now. If it were $200 I would jump on
it. It makes me happy to see it sell out, though. It means there is
demand, and they can use their profits to crank em' out more efficiently
and I expect the price will come down (just as soon as they can bend
that supply curve to better match the demand). If I wasn't in school I'd
buy it right now. :(

Von Fugal
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