[sllug-members]: Openmoko Neo FreeRunner

Brad Midgley bmidgley at xmission.com
Tue Jul 8 21:32:54 MDT 2008


the freerunner reportedly has gps problems, so I'd wait for them to turn 
the crank and do a minor hardware update... it sounds like an antenna issue.

also, when it comes to open devices, people (like me) tend to consider 
the software a work in progress that will ultimately match what the 
hardware is capable of... it just may take a while for the software to 
come together.

> I've been itching to get one, and currently I'm scraping up enough
> non-bill-money to afford one (And I went to the SLLUG meeting where a
> mobile developer had a Neo1973 on-hand), but I'm not hopeful that I can
> replace my aging Nokia phone quite yet.

maybe if it's to replace an older phone it would be ok. I've been 
working on the neo they sent me and although the software has improved a 
lot, especially with the qtopia suite, the choice to use a gprs radio 
for data (~40kbps) rules it out as my day-to-day phone.

It sounds like they could have put in an edge radio (~150kbps) but a 3g 
radio (500kbps+) has more licensing issues than they're willing to deal 


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