Openmoko Neo FreeRunner

Chad masterclc at
Tue Jul 8 17:54:45 MDT 2008


I'm curious if anyone has bought or is planning on buying (soon) the
Neo FreeRunner from

I am mighty interested in snagging me one of these, but I have read a
few people around the web talk about their instability.  I'm wondering
if these are just people who aren't comfortable with Linux, or if
these are people that are "typical" LUG-type users who are actually
having problems with their phone.  I can handle my way around
compiling and configuring applications, but I'm not a programmer by
any stretch.  I'm looking for some real world experience from someone
closer to my "linux equal" :D  Does anybody have some good info on the
topic?  Anybody own a 1973 and have some feedback?



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