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Josh Coates jcoates at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 09:43:45 MDT 2008

it's nearly impossible to find specific history about a specific item, but
you can usually find out where and when it was manufactured and sometimes
you can figure out which country used it in which conflict or service, but
that's about it.  for rifles, start with the serial number on the gun and
any stamps in the metal, and then look for cartouches on the stock (stamps
on the wood) and then hit the books and that's pretty much what you've got
to go on.

> Oh, is it open mic night for the war relic guru? Well then, I've got a
> WWI M1917 rifle which I inherited from my grandpa, much like the one
> pictured here[1]. I've read a bit about them in general but would like
> to learn more about my rifle in particular, i.e. who carried it (not my
> grandpa as he was still in diapers), where, when, etc. Any thoughts on
> whether information like that exists and if so where it might be had?
> Corey
> 1. http://highspeedlane.net/m1917/1917rsb.jpg
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