[OT] Congrats to Josh and his Tank

Josh Coates jcoates at gmail.com
Sun Jul 6 15:56:06 MDT 2008

thanks guys.  it was a lot of work to get it ready for the parade.  i didn't
really want the press, but the UMVC were really wanting some press for the
parade and the club.  i love the line about "declining to comment" etc.  so
sensational..! ;-)

we had 4 combat vets riding with us in the parade, one ww2 and three
vietnam, and they really enjoyed it.

to answer the inquiries:

it's difficult to tell.  the parade is about 2 miles up and down, but it
took an hour or so.  i think we probably went through 20 or so gallons of
aviation fuel that day, but the engine isn't running correctly - we hope to
get it to it's "normal" mileage of 1/2 to 3/4 mpg (depending on terrain.)

yes, and no.  the .50 is live and registered w/ the federal government, the
76mm barrel is live, but the breach has been demilled and so the gun is
non-functioning.  perhaps next year i will replace the breach and register
it.  i have a federal curio and relic license (i only collect vintage ww2

rides?  this is an E-ticket-only ride. ;-)


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