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Thu Jul 3 15:02:59 MDT 2008

On Thu, 2008-07-03 at 14:44 -0600, Dave Smith wrote:
> >> I have several cards on my desk.  They move 800 MB/s (think a full DVD
> >> every six seconds)
> Interesting.
> A partner company of ours moves bits about 50% faster

That's awesome!  Fast storage is definitely necessary to keep pace with
fast CPUs - usually storage has significantly lagged and CPUs end up

>  than that and 
> shoves them onto a RAIDed array of dozens of 2.5" drives in a real time 
> I/O system.

Oh, now you're playing the RAID card?  Hmmm, we do have a little machine
here with six cards that can move 4.2 GB/s.  That's *random* access,

(sorry, couldn't resist)

>  Pretty cool, but it takes a few rack U's of space, and uses 
> a *lot* of power.

Yeah, there's definitely some trade-offs.  I do know of a storage system
that's maybe a bit faster than the one we make, but it's only a bit
faster and it's several times the price.

> I've been wanting to develop something that can keep 
> pace with them but in a smaller form factor. Maybe your tech is the way 
> for me to go

Possibly.  We certainly hope is a solution for most people.

> If you want to talk about serious bandwidth, come to the lab down the 
> hall from me and see our gear that can move a DVD every 4 seconds, but 
> it can move a few dozen in parallel, up to 19 DVD's per second on our 
> biggest box.

Wow, now *that* is impressive.  I might just call you for a field trip.

>  Of course this gear doesn't store anything,

High-speed interconnect?  Sounds like it should be hooked up to some
storage that has speed-parity.

>  so it's not 
> exactly apples-to-apples, but hey, it's fun to measure in terms of DVD's 
> per second (DPS).
> "How fast is your hard drive?"
> "100 milliDPS"

Hail the new SI standard!

> --Dave
> P.S. We're hiring too :)

Good to see growth in the area - it keeps things strong and brings new
recruits.  It's still a bit too small for the hiring pool when you know
many of the developers and people working for companies.

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