Now hiring for the fastest storage product on the planet (and known universe!)

Dave Smith dave at
Thu Jul 3 14:44:56 MDT 2008

>> I have several cards on my desk.  They move 800 MB/s (think a full DVD
>> every six seconds)


A partner company of ours moves bits about 50% faster than that and 
shoves them onto a RAIDed array of dozens of 2.5" drives in a real time 
I/O system. Pretty cool, but it takes a few rack U's of space, and uses 
a *lot* of power. I've been wanting to develop something that can keep 
pace with them but in a smaller form factor. Maybe your tech is the way 
for me to go

If you want to talk about serious bandwidth, come to the lab down the 
hall from me and see our gear that can move a DVD every 4 seconds, but 
it can move a few dozen in parallel, up to 19 DVD's per second on our 
biggest box. Of course this gear doesn't store anything, so it's not 
exactly apples-to-apples, but hey, it's fun to measure in terms of DVD's 
per second (DPS).

"How fast is your hard drive?"
"100 milliDPS"


P.S. We're hiring too :)

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