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Wade Preston Shearer lists at
Thu Jul 3 14:33:58 MDT 2008

> Really, is *everything* else about it super interesting and not  
> knowing
> the compensation range holding you back?  If only you knew that one
> piece and *then* you would apply?

I should have been more specific. No, that bit of information is not  
required for me to apply to a job, but it would be for an in-person  
interview… at least a ballpark. 50K? 100K? 150K? If someone is  
currently making 100K then its not worth their time to come in for an  
interview if the job is a 50K job.

I am glad you did not take offense to my "must be low" comment. Having  
run job announcement lists for user groups for many years now, I am  
just surprised at how many employers are so reluctant to speak about  
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