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Blue Coat Systems is looking for a couple of  SysAdmin-types for positions at
our new site in Draper..

Job Description
Primarily responsible for analysis, maintenance, implementation, and
performance of all customer-facing systems in local and remote data centers.
Work with Technical Support to handle escalated issues. Coordinate with
Engineering and System Architects to deploy updates and new systems.

Key Competencies
 * Achievement Drive - A bias towards action and achieving excellence through
effective goal setting and attainment.
* Change - Able to respond to changing conditions, customer requirements and
market conditions.
* Customer Service Orientation - Responds to customer needs in a timely and
effective manner.
* Profit Driven - Maintains an effective usage of capital and resources
(labor, supplies, services) to maximize profitability.
* Problem Solving - Able to use troubleshooting techniques and skills to
effectively solve problems Position Duties & Responsibilities.
* Plan, manage, document, and perform installations and upgrades of servers
(hardware, software, firmware).
* Maintain backups of local and remote servers.
* Maintain servers at local and remote data centers.
* Develop scripts to automate routine tasks.
* Manage, tune, and maintain monitoring systems and historical data.
* Design, implement, and maintain system security.
* Interface with network team to maintain, secure, and improve network systems.
* Provide (24/7) on-call support to troubleshoot all customer facing systems
on a rotation basis.

Required Experience
Education, Experience and Skills Requirements

* One to Three years systems administration experience in a highly available
* Strong inter-personal and communication skills.
* Self-driven and self-motivated.
* Is comfortable with most aspects of UNIX systems administration; for
example, configuration of mail systems, system installation and configuration,
printing systems, fundamentals of security, installing third-party software.
* A solid understanding of a UNIX-based operating system; understands paging
and swapping, inter-process communication, devices and what device drivers do,
file system concepts ('inode', 'superblock').
* Ability to write scripts in at least one administrative language, preferably
shell scripting and/or Perl.
* Some Microsoft Windows Administrative experience.
* Configuration and administration of SAN/NAS hardware/software.
* Understanding and knowledge of system monitoring tools and protocols (SNMP).
* Understanding of global and local load balancing techniques. Desired.
* Knowledge of systems performance and tuning.
* Data mining skills.
* Experience with VMware Infrastructure a plus

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