PLUG-Announce & Call For Help

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Wed Jul 2 02:01:22 MDT 2008

Just a reminder that the main PLUG mailing list is totally unmoderated.
Nothing is off topic on this beast but slimy behavior (the committing of said
behavior, not the discussion of it). If an individual tags a thread [OT]
please consider it a nice gesture, not a requirement.

"Give me your rants, your flames, your totally off-topic messages yearning to
breathe free. The wretched refuse of your teeming inbox. Send these, the
list-less, packet-lost to me, I lift my CPU beside the golden hard drive!"
 - Posted on the Statue of Penguinity

Whenever the prevailing topic turns to less geeky things, and more toward
community involvement or national/world news type items, we get a flurry of
people e-maling the list admin with complaints. If you would like to receive
announcements regarding the group (and not the main list traffic), I suggest
subscribing to our moderated announcement only list:

Call for help part:

I am overloaded (personal stuff). Would you like to have a meeting in July?
Would anyone like to step forward and help organize it? We had planned on
doing our annual PLUG BBQ this month. If you need a date, how about July 19th
at say 6pm?

Incidentally, I haven't tracked anyone down for August or September meetings
either. If you're interested in presenting, please let me know.


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