Crappy Houses

peter peter at
Tue Jul 1 14:48:51 MDT 2008

I would give my left video card for one of those totally irresponsible
subprime loans right now.  I would settle for a regular loan, but those are
drying up too.  


On Tue, 01 Jul 2008 10:58:17 -0600, Garth Hill <thaabit at> wrote:
> Jonathan Duncan wrote:
>> Wow, well said.  I think you just described the stereotypical
>> mentality very well.  Most people are too ignorant to even know that
>> they are live like this and think they enjoy it.
>> Oh and the market is only depressing because the media is saying that
>> it is and more ignorant sheep are bleating along with it.
> I agree on the McSheeple, but not completely on the housing--housing is
> a tricky issue.  House prices are artificially inflated but at some
> point have to come back to reality--if you look at the cost of housing
> vs. the median income, the gap has widened a lot in the last ten years.
> If there aren't McSheeple that are able to afford homes, then the only
> thing you can do is lower the prices. Of course, there's always subprime
> mortgages..  They still handing those out?
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