Crappy Houses

Garth Hill thaabit at
Tue Jul 1 00:52:12 MDT 2008

Peter Bowen wrote:
> I've had a lot of people stop by, and they just don't want to pay for 
> the extras.
I haven't read 99% of the McMansion emails, but isn't this like proof by 
duh?  This is the McNation--we pay for cheap, crappy, (fast) food at 
McDonalds and buy shoddy Chinese merchandise at Wal-Mart.  We  neglect 
our health and emotional well-being and then cover it up w/drugs that we 
are so eager to accept.  It makes sense ppl would want to pay cheap for 
a shoddy house--it's what we do for everything else.  We just need to 
patch it up when things come undone (no Windows or [insert software 
title here] reference intended, sorta).  Since your house is an 
exception, you'll need an exceptional buyer.  Throw in the fact that it 
is a depressed and depressing (literally and figuratively) market, that 
makes it even harder. 

- Garth

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