Computer case recommendations

Garth Hill thaabit at
Tue Jul 1 00:44:30 MDT 2008

Charles Curley wrote:
> Very nice. I have two in service, one as a firewall/router, the other
> providing other network services. I wouldn't use it as a dev box. I
> might use it as a smart terminal or web browsing box, though. I'm
> thinking about fitting one out with a power supply and display for a
> carputer.
Yeah I'm a little envious--I was going for small and quiet and I didn't 
find the fit-pc.  The shuttle is nice bc you can buy your own memory, 
hd, processor.  Why no good for a dev box (presuming it's a dev server 
that you shell into)?  I think as long as you could get linux to work on 
it, good enough.  And that really low power draw is nice for leaving it 
on all the time.  The only drawback is the dual 100mb (why not single 

- Garth

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