why does WinSCP work, but firefox not?

Dr. Scott S. Jones scott at fyrenice.com
Thu Jan 31 18:00:58 MST 2008

+++ Steve [31/01/08 16:36 -0700]:
> Hey Scott,
> I'm in SLC you want me to drop by?
> Sincerely,
> Steve
I am home now. I missed you. 

I am heading back to my office tonight to see how it's working. 

One thing I found today was that Zone Alarm is still installed, though not
functioning. A file "alert.zap" just would not let me delete it. 

I rebooted with command prompt in safe mode and cleaned out as much as
could. Then, after finally deleting all trace of zone alarm, with WinSCP, I

I am going to hit it more with netsh, and see if that gets it working. 

In any event, I believe I have backed up everything I need to keep. 


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