why does WinSCP work, but firefox not?

Mike Lovell toelovell at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 14:50:00 MST 2008

Dr. Scott S. Jones wrote:
> I run 'whois' on a variety of domains and they all report back. I still
> think the fact that my browser Firefox, as well as IE, can't get out to the
> web has to do with some setting on my box, since whois, ping and several
> other tools work, successfully communicating with the 'net. 
> scott
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Hmmm. Often, the reason why the network stack get b0rked is because
there is a piece of malware somewhere in the machine that is breaking
things. That command will reset the TCP/IP stack but if you still have a
some bad software on there, it is just going to keep breaking. It might
take a combination of doing virus/spyware/malware checks with this
command to make things stable again.

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