Sprint vs Verizon vs ???

Brad Midgley bmidgley at xmission.com
Thu Jan 31 13:36:49 MST 2008


> I really want to maintain internet connectivity the entire time, and
> so I figure a wireless data card is my best bet.
> But does anyone have any experience working with these cards, i.e.
> coverage, access speed etc.
> I'd really like to get some real user experiences from folks, before I
> enter into a 2 year agreement with any of these guys.
> Also does anyone know how Sprint, Verizon, ATT etc compare with eachother?

If I had to choose now it would be a tossup between sprint and att.

for maintaining the connection verizon may be slightly better than 
sprint. It would be unfortunate to choose your carrier based on one 
trip. Sprint is cheaper for data and I'm interested to see what Sprint's 
wimax rollout looks like so I am not renewing my verizon commitment.

If you travel internationally, att would be a better choice. I use a 
handset for internet. I have considered switching to att for 
international travel and because their tech allows one to use a phone 
for data and voice at the same time.

If you are going to use linux on your laptop, choose the adapter 
carefully. This is one reason bluetooth connection with a handset is 
attractive--no requirement to deal with flaky drivers. You just can't 
choose a microsoft device if you go this route because their bluetooth 
networking is so slow.


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