The Last Straw (was: [sllug-members]: Boycott the Salt Lake Tribune)

Justin Findlay justin at
Thu Jan 31 10:42:26 MST 2008

On AD 2008 January 31 Thursday 10:28:47 AM -0700, William Attwood wrote:
> Let's not sensor items here by a few people that don't like the politics.

My political sensors are throwing alerts that I should censor your
radical exponents.

> If there's a large group that want to move discussions like this to another
> Users Group, then do it, if not, let's keep things going how we have, as it
> fuels our minds and keeps us sharp.

I agree with you, or at least I should.  I just can't help enjoying
being entertained with all the silly email traffic that comes across
this list.


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