The Last Straw (was: [sllug-members]: Boycott the Salt Lake Tribune)

Steve smorrey at
Thu Jan 31 10:36:56 MST 2008

Hmm this does bring to mind a Simpsons episode from a few weeks ago.
"Ralph Wiggum for President, Pick a Winner!" (pull back to shot of
Ralph picking his nose.


p.s. I support your run, and will vote for you if I'm in your area at
the time of the elections, what district are you planning to run for?

On Jan 31, 2008 10:34 AM, Wade Preston Shearer <lists at> wrote:
> > This morning's front page of the Salt Lake Tribune shows the "final
> > candidates", yet I seem to recall one that's missing.  Yes that's
> > right, following in Fox News' footsteps, The Tribune does not even
> > have a picture of Ron Paul on their front page.  Besides this blatant
> > disregard for providing information to the Salt Lake area, they
> > continue to list the candidates who have dropped out rather than
> > including Dr. Paul on the cover.  "Utah's Independent Voice" indeed,
> > independent because nobody wants to stand with a news outlet that
> > misrepresents itself.
> By "final candidates," they mean ones that are owning the majority of
> the popular vote. I'm sorry, but as much as you like Ron Paul, he is
> not owning the majority of the popular vote.
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