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Wed Jan 30 23:43:17 MST 2008

On Jan 30, 2008 11:14 PM, Steve <smorrey at> wrote:
> Hey Jesse,
 > Not that it's really relevant to the thread but I've been meaning to
> pick your brain on the OpenID measures that Yahoo is taking.  What are
> your thoughts on it, and does it have any bearing on your new
> business?

Honestly, I'm not an absolute expert on OpenID itself.  Phil Windley
here in town is the one to talk to about that.  However, I do think
yahoo's adoption of it is big news.  Yahoo was one of the first to
adopt the "single-signon" idea, buying up various properties, and
implementing their login on top of those platforms, regardless of
whether they had anything to do with the yahoo search engine or not.
They've now accumulated a huge database of users in this single-signon
database.  As yahoo encourages this among their users, OpenID will
spread fast.

As to ramifications for my business, I'd really like to see
relationships tied into OpenID in some way.  I really like the Data
Portability movement that is going on right now
(  If there is some way to combine OpenID
with data portability about relationships and other information about
people, I think information will spread fast, new business models will
be created, and more opportunity will ensue.  Beyond that, I want to
see more "certificates" that tie in to that information - I want to
get rid of the Drivers License and move to entirely digital ID (so I
can just have my cell phone in my pocket, no wallet!)


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