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Jesse Stay jesse at thestays.org
Wed Jan 30 22:17:17 MST 2008

On Jan 30, 2008 9:55 PM, Dave Smith <dave at thesmithfam.org> wrote:
> Jesse Stay wrote:
> > As any company, we *hope* all of the above, and we have the pipeline,
> > experience, and interest to get there.  Send me your resume and some
> > code samples and I'd be happy to show you what we've got going if you
> > look like what we need.  Why do you ask?
> >
> I've never seen a large company (by employee count) that can provide a
> good employee experience, so I was surprised that you were *trying* to
> make a large company out of the venture. :)

Note that we're hiring independent contractors, not employees.  You
get to make your own experience, pick the projects you want to work on
- this isn't just going to be a large company.  It will be an agency,
something Utah hasn't really had to a full extent up until now.

BTW, some of the best companies I know of to work for are large
companies - Google, Omniture (growing), Facebook, Microsoft (yes, they
may not make the absolute best OS, but they do provide a good employee
experience, so I hear).  I've found the larger companies can pay more,
provide better benefits, pay for conferences, education, and more.
True - some don't "get it", but I've seen just as many small companies
that do this as large companies, especially in Utah.


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