why does WinSCP work, but firefox not?

Michael L Torrie torriem at chem.byu.edu
Wed Jan 30 18:38:08 MST 2008

Dr. Scott S. Jones wrote:
> If I can run WinSCP on a box running XP Pro, and with it access both Windows
> and Linux on other machines on the LAN, and yet, from that same XP Pro box,
> I am unable to access the net, is that possible? Should it be possible? 
> I have one application on this XP Pro box which is able to go out and
> transmit over my cable connection, data to a claims clearing house, and yet,
> if I open Firefox, or IE neither of those will browse the net...no
> connection out. 
> Similarly, ping out doesn't work. I can ssh from this box to others, in a
> cmd prompt, but if I 'ping microsoft.com' it shows MS's IP, but says Request
> Timed Out. 

Microsoft.com never responds to ping.  Apparently at one time Windows
used to react poorly to pings, so they had to turn them off to prevent
all their computers from dying.  That was years ago, but Microsoft still
maintains this (poor) networking practice.  Try pinging google or something.

> I guess the fact that WinSCP seems to work, is what throws me, but perhaps
> that is just cause it works locally, but not out on the greater 'Net. 
> Ideas? 
> scott

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