why does WinSCP work, but firefox not?

Dr. Scott S. Jones scott at fyrenice.com
Wed Jan 30 17:45:49 MST 2008

If I can run WinSCP on a box running XP Pro, and with it access both Windows
and Linux on other machines on the LAN, and yet, from that same XP Pro box,
I am unable to access the net, is that possible? Should it be possible? 

I have one application on this XP Pro box which is able to go out and
transmit over my cable connection, data to a claims clearing house, and yet,
if I open Firefox, or IE neither of those will browse the net...no
connection out. 

Similarly, ping out doesn't work. I can ssh from this box to others, in a
cmd prompt, but if I 'ping microsoft.com' it shows MS's IP, but says Request
Timed Out. 

I guess the fact that WinSCP seems to work, is what throws me, but perhaps
that is just cause it works locally, but not out on the greater 'Net. 


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