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Tue Jan 29 15:37:12 MST 2008

* Levi Pearson [Tue, 29 Jan 2008 at 15:29 -0700]
> On Jan 29, 2008 2:47 PM, Von Fugal <von at> wrote:
> > * Levi Pearson [Tue, 29 Jan 2008 at 14:41 -0700]
> > > Also, please note that the coolness of emacs in no way detracts from
> > > the coolness of whatever your favorite editor is.
> > But the coolness of VIm detracts from all other coolness, that's how
> > cool it is.
> Heat would detract from coolness, but coolness can't detract from
> coolness.  The only way vim could detract from emacs's coolness would
> be for it to be very warm, i.e. not at all cool.  So, in essense,
> you're saying that vim is really, really uncool.  I'd have to
> disagree, but we can all have our opinions...

Actually, heat would impart uncoolness, not detract coolness. You could
say that VIm takes any uncoolness (heat) and gives it to emacs, thus
becoming even more cool itself.

Von Fugal
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