Perl IDE Question

Levi Pearson levi at
Tue Jan 29 14:41:22 MST 2008

"Joseph Hall" <joseph at> writes:
> /me wonders what version the tetris mode was added in.

Fire up emacs and type M-x tetris

It was, according to tetris.el, created 1997-08-13.
I have no idea which emacs version that corresponds to. :)

I was able to trivially find the source file through this general
chain of events:

I fired up emacs and typed M-x tetris, followed by hitting tab to see
if it was a valid command or if it had a suffix like '-mode'.

I played tetris for a couple of seconds, then closed the buffer with
C-x k.

I looked up help on tetris with C-h a, the 'apropos' command in the
help system, to which I typed 'tetris'.

I picked the tetris game from the buffer that showed the results of
apropos, and I got the help specific to tetris.

The help buffer included the fact that tetris is an interactive
compiled lisp function from the file 'tetris.el', and hyperlinked to
the source file itself.  It also mentioned where it was bound in the
menu system.  It also included a brief description and instructions
for playing.

I selected the 'tetris.el' hyperlink and the source code opened in
another buffer, and found the Created header in the comments, which is
part of the standard GNU Emacs header stuff.

This self-documenting nature, along with seamless extensibility, is
one of the things that makes emacs so cool.  I also wrote this email
within the emacs mail/newsgroup client, gnus.

Also, please note that the coolness of emacs in no way detracts from
the coolness of whatever your favorite editor is.


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