Perl IDE Question

Steve smorrey at
Tue Jan 29 12:01:13 MST 2008

Hi there,
This question is mostly directed at all of you perl mongers out there.

I have recently taken on a project where I will be maintaining and
adding functionality to an existing Perl application.
Essentially I'm taking over for a dev who quit in a hurry.

The problem is there are no docs, and in over 10k lines of code there
are roughly 20 comments.

I think that this project is complex enough, that I'm going to have to
abandon my old tried and true method of just using a text editor.

I think what I may need is a full fledged IDE.  Preferably one
specialized for Perl.

I have no problems ramping up and learning new IDEs and I believe that
a dedicated IDE for each language tends to work the best for me
I use Eclipse and/or netbeans for Java, I use Visual Studio and
KDevelop for C/C++, but as yet I've not found a good IDE targeted
towards Perl development.

I know some of you are going to respond and say "vi or emacs", but the
simple truth is I need a good crutch to stand on right now, and try as
I might, I've had a heck of time trying to learn either of those.

I would prefer something either GTK or QT based, but would be willing
to look at any GUI based IDE, even something running on Windows

I need the ability to trace and step through the code as it executes
and see line by line what is being called.
Syntax highlighting, class browsing and other stuff would be nice to
have as well.

I hope that some of you good folks, have experience with Perl projects
large enough to require an IDE, so do you have any recommendations for

Thanks in advance!


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