Ron Paul opposes linux - was Re: [OT] Isolationist vs. Non-Interventionist [was: Re: HB 139]

Justin Findlay justin at
Tue Jan 29 10:21:33 MST 2008

On AD 2008 January 29 Tuesday 01:32:10 AM -0700, Merrill Oveson wrote:
> Think of this as chemistry, you always have to have an equal sign, if one
> things goes up something else has to go down.  Actually the whole universe
> operates on this principle - it's all double entry accounting - whether it's
> chemistry, physics, economics, finance, whatever.

I might add that the universal laws of conservation follow from
symmetries--symmetries that sit right on top of quantum phenomena and
symmetries that bind or have bound universal dynamics.  M-theory FTW!


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