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I will be hosting a meeting here in the Capitol on Thursday, January
31st at 3:00 P.M.  We will be discussing House Bill 139 about public
wireless access.  I will be in attendance along with some members of the
Attorney General’s staff and members of the Xmission ISP staff.  Anyone
is invited to attend, and please let us know if you will be able to.

The meeting will be held in the East (Senate) Building, in the Beehive
room which is just south of the cafeteria on the first floor.  I hope to
see you there.

>>> Lonnie Olson <lonnie at lonnieolson.com> 01/24/08 9:54 PM >>>
I am a member of your district (31).

I have read through the bill regarding Public Wireless Internet access.


This is a very bad idea.  I have worked in the IT industry for over 8
years.  3 of those in the role of Senior System Administrator at
ArosNet (now defunct) Utah ISP.  I have lots of experience with not
only the technology, but also the reality of implementing filtering
technologies.  Implementations of filtering technologies is
difficult.  Implementing them well enough to point of 100% accuracy is
*impossible*.  Without 100% accuracy, this new law opens up any public
wireless operator to great potential of lawsuits.

The result of this proposed legislation limits wireless network
operators to two choices: 1) close access, and limit to "authorized
people", or 2) shutdown the network completely.  Unfortunately choice
#1 isn't an option for 90% of the free wireless networks in Utah, as
the added administrative and technical costs would turn the whole
project too deep in the whole to be valuable.

The impact of these network shutdowns on Utah society, as well as our
image, would be horrendous.  Finding wireless internet access in
common gathering places like Salt Lake City Main Street, libraries,
Liberty Park, Pioneer Park and much of Ogden will become next to

See Pete Ashdown's (Owner of Xmission) opinion of the proposed

Please consider the ramification of this bill, and vote it down.  Show
your representation, and represent the good of our state.  I know you
will do the right thing, that is why I voted for you.

Lonnie Olson
823 Elgin Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT  84106-1603

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