[OT] Using telephone calls to influence government (being heard)

Lars Rasmussen lars.rasmussen at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 12:52:08 MST 2008

Yesterday I made a couple of calls to my senators' offices to oppose
immunity/amnesty for telecommunications companies.

I spoke with low level employees, but I at least hope my call was
tallied and that call tallies on issues/bills are relayed to the

Locally, after all the posting here on Utah HB 139 I looked up my
local representative in the Utah House of Representatives(
http://gva1.utah.gov/elections/polling.aspx ) & called the number
listed - it was his home number.  His wife kindly gave me the rep's
cell number.  I called the cell #, and the rep answered the phone

He said he was on the floor in a debate & would call me back.

I was very encouraged by the immediate response and look forward to
the follow up.
I would encourage others to call - not just email - their
representatives & senators(locally & nationally), and if given the
chance, to meet with them in person.

The schedules of the Utah House & Senate are here:

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