[OT] Currency Was: Foreign Policy

Nicholas Leippe nick at leippe.com
Fri Jan 25 09:59:25 MST 2008

Technically speaking, there never was a singular "gold standard".
There is a silver standard, and there was a bi-metallic standard of gold and 

I encourage you all to read this very enlightening discourse on the history of 
our currency, which begins with the constitution and steps through all of the 
coinage acts, the federal reserve act, and all other relevant acts which 
bring us to our current situation today:


index (at the bottom): 

The final conclusions of the discourse are:
- Honest Money according to the Constitution is Silver and Gold Coin
- The Silver Dollar is the standard of the United States monetary system
- Only a constitutional amendment can change our monetary standard
- Federal Reserve Notes are paper fiat debt obligations
- Pure paper fiat monetary systems require perpetual and ever-increasing debt
- Paper fiat currencies are a tool of wealth transference and are 
- The elite moneychangers fear gold as money as its use forces them to be 
- The international banking cartel has suppressed the use of gold and silver 
as money and has forced paper fiat debt money upon the world
- Pure fiat debt money cannot pay off debt – it is debt
- Only Honest Money that is no one’s debt or obligation can pay off debt
- Gold and Silver are no one’s obligation or debt – they are Honest Money

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