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Mister E Mister.Ed at AgoraCart.com
Fri Jan 25 01:07:31 MST 2008

Man, I didn't really want to hear what some of ya'all had to say on a 
lot of this. I feel like a pollster trying to sift through this email 
thread madness.  It was better when I didn't know some of the insanity 
that we call diverse opinions on this list.  It makes me want to work 
with some and not with others based solely on opinions, and not 
character, which is a bad initial reaction to have, in my not so humble 

Hill, Greg wrote:
>> I'm a Conservative.  Most often, I agree with conservative
>> Republicans.  Bush is not a conservative.  He spends like a drunken
>> sailor.  He tramples the constitution (patriot act).  He disregards
>> our federal laws by rewarding (rather than punishing) those who have
>> come here illegally.  He is not a conservative.
> In that regard, neither is his father, nor was Reagan, nor Nixon.  Hell,
> what Republican president has actually upheld those values?  Just look
> at our national deficit trends and you'll see that while Republicans
> claim to be against big government and wasteful spending, they are the
> worse offenders when it comes to reality.

They all had Demo congressional types to deal with, which was at lest a 
40 year period, also being a bit a stranglehold on the American 
pocketbook.  Neither party can clearly call itself the party of small 
government right now (both have rung up most of the 56 trillion dollar 
debt by paying for earmarks and social programs we cannot afford, 
including medicare and SS, which is jsut a way to buy votes of older 
people). Reagan was one of the best Presidents overall, ranking with 
other of my favorites from the past (JKF, Washington, etc).  But none of 
these have been close to being perfect.  After some research for a 
project I'm working on, the worst two presidents we have had in the past 
100 or so years are: - Clinton ... because he did his "dirty work" 
primarily out of self-centered power-grabbing needs, and Carter ... 
because he was just an idiot in so many ways.   Between the two of them 
they politicized our freedoms and rights, weakened many citizens to make 
a few stronger, as well as the near gutting of defense and intelligence 
capabilities of our national law enforcement and military.  So if you 
want to talk political trash, there is some for you to munch on :)

But before we go too far. I don't trust Bush as far as I can throw him, 
which is probably only 9.27 inches at this point. But he was better of 
the two crappy choices we had in 2000 and 2004, which doesn't say much 
except who won the deluxe business cards and body guard services that 
come with the title.  I put him in as number 4 so far on that list of 
worst Presidents, slightly better than Nixon.

If this debate were happening in say 1964, I'd be a democrat. Most of my 
family was and very staunch at that. Now, the same ones are mostly 
Republican or Independent.  But the Democrat idears and platforms have 
been hijacked, especially the last 35 years or so, by fabian-like 
socialists, and others with similar intentions, with a bunch of 
bleeding-hearts in tow that don't seem to bother to look up fact, and 
spout off comments found in the news bites of that entertainment medium 
disguised as news.  Except for fringe demo groups, demos all sound like 
parrots and are the party of victims and whiners more consistently than 
not. This is why there has been an exodus of frustrated people that 
actually believe in the potential of this country (close to what it was 
intended originally) from the democratic party to other parties such as 
libertarian, republican, independents and a few others. I am not saying 
all have left, but in Utah, I find it interesting that most of those 
that call themselves democrats are sure to be of another political 
flavor outside of the state, if they paid attention to their surroundings.

>> Democrats have the most to gain by continuing to allow voter fraud.
>> The EFF is chaired by prominent democrats.  It doesn't take much to
>> connect the dots.  I wouldn't care if the Republican party started
>> playing kissy face with the illegal alien population (oh wait!  they
>> have!) and were going to get all the votes.  Voter fraud shouldn't be
>> allowed.  Trivial measures could be put in place to largely solve this
>> problem -- just show the poll dude some ID.  No big deal.
> Thus far, the voter fraud has been tied predominately to Republicans.
> There was fraud in Florida in 2000 to get Bush elected, and again in
> Ohio in 2004 to get him re-elected.  So, if the Democrats continue to
> allow it, we'll get another Republican in office.  How does that benefit
> them, exactly? 

This is gretly speculative information from what I can tell at this 
point, based mainly on what one will find in the media reporting 
tactics.  There is so much more going on in this area (mostly demo), and 
if you did your homework, you'd know this.  One organization comes to 
mind with recent troubles in this area and on a wide scale (which was 
conveniently minimized):  ACORN.   So before you use hearsay or 
controversial talking points to defend your position, you should look in 
your own back yard full of junk before you point out the few pieces of 
trash in your neighbor's yard. (meaning clean your own yard and not your 
neighbor's first).

With that said. I wish the democrat party had more substance. It would 
make for a great political system with a balance based in sanity (or I 
should say the American version of it).  But right now, they can only 
offer socialized regrets in the packages of Hilary "please not this crap 
again" Clinton and Obama "The Amazing Hot Air Balloon ride that is 
enjoyable, but still ends up just being a ride under a bag of hot air". 
  It would be great if it was the party full of those folks instilled 
with the core values upon which or founding fathers started this great 
experiment with and not those "ideas" full of want in proving Mother 
Russia should have worked ... and they are making a another attempt to 
try this mess out on us at this time using such front organizations as 
the ACLU, ACORN, and Open Societies to soften the blow on the public via 
incremental changes that are not noticeable in and of themselves unless 
you link the dots and follow the money trails.

If we each clean up our act, others must and will follow.  That will 
inspire other Americans (and those that love this country) to excel and 
to band together "like many sticks" to form a strong "beam" to support 
that which must be borne.  But right now, we are disbanding into tribal 
goo.  As it stands now, and even on this list, people are willing to to 
divide asunder in cooperative fashion into various groups (donkeys, 
elephants, etc) and point their weapons of choice at each other, not 
unlike the civil war, but only more civilized and sophisticated weapons 
using words, inaccuracies, name calling, belittling, and even in some 
caseslander/libel in an attempt to force their point of view on others 
(or some will buy up a bunch of mainstream bandwidth to make it seem 
like the truth in the form of news).

Wake up fellers. You are my friends, even if I do not know you well. 
You are all being dupped.  Do your homework. Att his time, trust only 
half of what you see and ZERO of what you hear about when it comes to 
who is best or what is best when it comes to fixing the problems of our 
great nation. You will recognize it when it happens or when you see it 
without pre-selected filters, hopefully sooner than later.  Trust your 
"instincts", not your emotions, because  most of the time they will be 
right.  Then, when you think you have found the right solution and you 
don't see eye to eye with someone else, don't poke theirs out to prove 
they can't see your solution.

Mister Ed

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