[OT] Economic stimulus and long term prosperity

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at bluesunhosting.com
Thu Jan 24 22:22:25 MST 2008

On 24 Jan 2008, at 19:06, Von Fugal wrote:

> Speaking of Ron Paul, economics, government waste, and wars in bad
> taste... Ron Paul, incidentally, just came out with his plan for  
> economic
> stimulus and long term reform.
> http://www.ronpaul2008.com/Prosperity
> I find it completely rediculous that the powers that be answer our
> current plight with MORE counterfeight money, MORE borrowing and debt,
> while doing absolutely nothing to fix the deficit problem. The only
> thing they get at all right is tax cuts, but tax cuts without spending
> cuts just means more debt and more inflation.

I can't tell if you liked his proposal or not.  He does have a section  
on "Spending Reform".

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