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Mark Higbee mark at impactprocessing.com
Thu Jan 24 17:53:06 MST 2008

My opinion is, there is very little difference between republicans and 
pretty much they are all controlled by big business and the media which 
funds their campaigns and allows them to be elected
It doesn't matter you pretty much get the same president whether they 
are democrat or republican with minor small differences.

Hill, Greg wrote:
>> I'm a Conservative.  Most often, I agree with conservative
>> Republicans.  Bush is not a conservative.  He spends like a drunken
>> sailor.  He tramples the constitution (patriot act).  He disregards
>> our federal laws by rewarding (rather than punishing) those who have
>> come here illegally.  He is not a conservative.
> In that regard, neither is his father, nor was Reagan, nor Nixon.  Hell,
> what Republican president has actually upheld those values?  Just look
> at our national deficit trends and you'll see that while Republicans
> claim to be against big government and wasteful spending, they are the
> worse offenders when it comes to reality.
>> Democrats have the most to gain by continuing to allow voter fraud.
>> The EFF is chaired by prominent democrats.  It doesn't take much to
>> connect the dots.  I wouldn't care if the Republican party started
>> playing kissy face with the illegal alien population (oh wait!  they
>> have!) and were going to get all the votes.  Voter fraud shouldn't be
>> allowed.  Trivial measures could be put in place to largely solve this
>> problem -- just show the poll dude some ID.  No big deal.
> Thus far, the voter fraud has been tied predominately to Republicans.
> There was fraud in Florida in 2000 to get Bush elected, and again in
> Ohio in 2004 to get him re-elected.  So, if the Democrats continue to
> allow it, we'll get another Republican in office.  How does that benefit
> them, exactly? 
> Greg
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