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Steve smorrey at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 17:38:24 MST 2008

As my dad used to say...
It looks like a conspiracy with a captial K!

On Jan 24, 2008 5:29 PM, Hill, Greg <grhill at corp.untd.com> wrote:
> > I'm a Conservative.  Most often, I agree with conservative
> > Republicans.  Bush is not a conservative.  He spends like a drunken
> > sailor.  He tramples the constitution (patriot act).  He disregards
> > our federal laws by rewarding (rather than punishing) those who have
> > come here illegally.  He is not a conservative.
> In that regard, neither is his father, nor was Reagan, nor Nixon.  Hell,
> what Republican president has actually upheld those values?  Just look
> at our national deficit trends and you'll see that while Republicans
> claim to be against big government and wasteful spending, they are the
> worse offenders when it comes to reality.
> > Democrats have the most to gain by continuing to allow voter fraud.
> > The EFF is chaired by prominent democrats.  It doesn't take much to
> > connect the dots.  I wouldn't care if the Republican party started
> > playing kissy face with the illegal alien population (oh wait!  they
> > have!) and were going to get all the votes.  Voter fraud shouldn't be
> > allowed.  Trivial measures could be put in place to largely solve this
> > problem -- just show the poll dude some ID.  No big deal.
> Thus far, the voter fraud has been tied predominately to Republicans.
> There was fraud in Florida in 2000 to get Bush elected, and again in
> Ohio in 2004 to get him re-elected.  So, if the Democrats continue to
> allow it, we'll get another Republican in office.  How does that benefit
> them, exactly?
> Greg
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