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Bryan Sant bryan.sant at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 16:54:33 MST 2008

On Jan 24, 2008 2:27 PM, Michael L Torrie <torriem at chem.byu.edu> wrote:
> It's not the voter ID thing itself that's problem here.  It's your weird

If that's not the problem, then let's agree to solve the problem and
require ID when voting.

> statement about the EFF.  What's actually sad is that so many people
> such as yourself have this really weird (religious?) idea that
> Republicans are somehow more righteous and less corrupt than the
> Democrats.  It's a very indirect ad hominom attack.  Guilt by
> association, as if "Democrat" somehow automatically implies bad.  Given

It does imply bad.  Big government is bad.  High taxation is bad.
Legalized racial discrimination (affirmative action) is bad.  Remotely
controlling a person's home heating level is bad.  Legitimizing a
subculture of felons who have violated our federal law is bad.  Paying
people not to work is bad.  Paying women to have children out of
wedlock is bad.  Allowing women to kill their unborn children is bad.
Forcing the most productive people in our society to pay for those who
refuse to work is bad.  Not allowing us to harvest our domestic
natural resources because we may disturb a bird's nest is bad.  Trying
to tear down the second amendment, and remove the general population's
right to defend themselves is bad.  Rolling in tanks, machine guns,
etc., and killing 74 Americans (men, women, and children -- most burnt
alive) because you think they might be stock piling guns is bad.
Pushing an economic crushing, global government promoting, tax
raising, individual rights removing, UN sponsored climate hoax is bad.
 Getting off the gold standard is bad.  Intervention in markets is
bad.  Turning our money system over to private banks is bad.  Giving
special rights to people who live an "alternative lifestyle" is bad.
I could go on, and on, and on...  Yes, it does imply bad.

> the last 8 years of Republican rule, I don't see how anyone can continue
> to make these statements or associations with a straight face.

I'm a Conservative.  Most often, I agree with conservative
Republicans.  Bush is not a conservative.  He spends like a drunken
sailor.  He tramples the constitution (patriot act).  He disregards
our federal laws by rewarding (rather than punishing) those who have
come here illegally.  He is not a conservative.

> You could logically say--if you could support your arguments with
> facts--that the values and politics of the EFF follow the values and
> principles of the Democratic party in general.  But to add the part
> about the EFF wanting to encourage voter fraud just makes you sound
> silly.  It's a logically dissonant statement, unsupported by any
> evidence on your part.

Democrats have the most to gain by continuing to allow voter fraud.
The EFF is chaired by prominent democrats.  It doesn't take much to
connect the dots.  I wouldn't care if the Republican party started
playing kissy face with the illegal alien population (oh wait!  they
have!) and were going to get all the votes.  Voter fraud shouldn't be
allowed.  Trivial measures could be put in place to largely solve this
problem -- just show the poll dude some ID.  No big deal.


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