Ron Paul opposes linux - was Re: [OT] Isolationist vs. Non-Interventionist [was: Re: HB 139]

Von Fugal von at
Thu Jan 24 13:48:08 MST 2008

* Michael L Torrie [Thu, 24 Jan 2008 at 13:35 -0700]
> Benjamin Bytheway wrote:
> > Umm, Ron Paul isn't a protectionist.  He's for free trade with everyone, but
> > on our terms and not dictated to us by some worldwide organization.  
> The moment you say "on our terms" then the statement becomes
> self-contradictory.  Either trade is free or it's not.  Even under
> current trade agreements it's never free, largely in part because of
> *our* terms, our protectionism.

We're a free country, we can trade however we feel like. You don't like
tarrifs? Then appose them, don't let the NAFTA or anyone else do it for

Von Fugal
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